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Red Line 85 Plus WINTERIZED Diesel Fuel Additive #70902

Our Price: $8.95

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Model: RL70902
Shipping Weight: 5lbs
Manufactured by: Recon

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Designed for use in all diesel engines. Contains extremely powerful lubricants, detergents, seal conditioners, fuel stabilizers and rust preventatives, but without smoke suppressant. Red Line 85 Plus contains additional cetane improvers which boost the fuel 5-9 cetane numbers and additional lubricants which reduce wear in low sulfur fuel by 75%. This improvement in lubricity and cetane will reduce detonation, assist starting, help reduce smoking, help prevent fuel system wear and leakage and can provide 5% additional power and efficiency.

1-12oz Bottle

  • Treats 25 Gallons For Cleanup Dose
  • Treats 100 Gallons For Antiwear

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