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Coolingmist, Diesel Super High Flow Smart Injection [COO1007DUALPUMP]

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Manufactured by: Coolingmist

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If you need a lot of flow, this is the kit for you. No system on the market can flow as much. This system ships with dual 250 PSI pumps and each pump can run dual nozzles. The Smart Injection Controller, the latest, most innovative controller on the market. An easy to use windows program is provided to let you change settings. The first stage is set to inject > 900F and the 2nd stage to inject > 1300. If you need different settings use the free software, otherwise this unit is plug and play. There are 4 voltage inputs for things such as MAP sensors or boost switches. There are 2 frequency inputs for things such as RPM and an EGT input. You can make the system inject based on any combination of inputs. It can be as simple as running the first stage based on EGT > 1000 and having the 2nd stage come on >1425. Or you can integrate boost pressure OR EGT. If you don't have a MAP sensor to get your boost you can use a simple boost switch. 2 pumps is absolutely critical for high flow applications. No single pump on the market will match this dual pump setup. In addition to the 2 pumps you get a fantastic controller that you can setup to your exact specs. What happens if in the future you need more flow? You can add upto 5 pumps with this controller! Assume for a moment you have a 700 HP diesel that runs 75 lbs of boost and you are running 2 pumps. If you get more power down the road and need more flow all you do is order another pump, solenoid and nozzles. The controller can make the pumps work independently of each other. So you can set different requirements for each pumps injection. This setup will come with 2 pumps and 2 solenoids and 4 large nozzles, 30' of hose, all your fittings and of course the smart controller. A tank or boost switch is optional. You can use your existing EGT sender. The Smart Controller can activate/deactivate up to 5 devices. Assume you are using 2 pumps, you have 3 outputs left. You can use these to activate nitrous or to turn on a fan when your water temps get too hot, etc. Yes, this is a nitrous controller as well. You can data log with this unit (requires laptop). Vehicles running very high boost and that need a lot of flow will benefit from this system over a progressive style. This pump setup will supply far more pressure and flow than a progressive kit and with the ability to stage your pumps based on any combination of inputs.

Comes with a Life Time non-transferable warranty and FREE shipping!

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