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Coolingmist Stage III MPG Diesel [COOstg3mpg]

Our Price: $759.95

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Model: COOstg3mpg
Shipping Weight: 10lbs
Manufactured by: Coolingmist

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The CMGS Diesel Stage 3 MPG Plus is designed to give you more power and better fuel economy but also greatly extend the range between filling up the tank. The CMGS controller is standard 2-1/16" size controller that will fit in any standard gauge pod. You set the MIN and MAX EGT, and 2nd stage turn on point. The smaller injector turns on when your EGT reaches the MIN set point. Typically you set this at cruising speed. You will see in real time the flow rate as the first stage turns on. This first stage will typically change in flow from 100 CC/M to 300 CC/M depending on how hot your EGTS are.. ( This is the only stage 3 kit on the market that has a flow readout in real time. Pump output is nothing more than a 0-100% and is not indicative of the system working) Your 2nd stage injector will turn on when you reach your 2nd stage turn on point. This stage is fully progressive as well. You set this point to turn on when ever you want/need alot of flow. For example if you set your MAX EGT to 1400 and set your EGT 2nd stage to 1000F, your 2nd stage will be progressive from 1000F to 1400 F, etc. Once this stage turns on you will see the flow rate dramatically change. The CMGS gauge is your controller. The flow bars across the top will show actual flow rate across the top so you always know its flowing. The 3 digit center display will display either your boost, EGT or pump output depending on which one you setup. When the 2nd stage activates the center display will flash "001". Once the 2nd stage turns off the "001" will go away and you will resume back with what ever you set it up to display. With this kit you will get more power, lower EGTs (200-350F), improved gas mileage (1-3 MPG typical), and you will use far less fluid than other kits due to the unique dual progressive staging. This kit is easy to install, requires no laptop and has an all in one design. If you dont have an EGT gauge you will need to get an EGT thermocouple. If you have one, this unit can share it with your current EGT gauge/tuner.

It comes with a Life Time non-transferable warranty and FREE shipping!

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